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Mind Body Breathe Therapy Services
with Randi

Breathing is the link between body and mind, between spirit and matter, between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The breath is a force, a bridge, a tool. It connects us to each other, and to our own nature, our source.

This is your invitation, to take part in your own evolution.

Mind Body Breathe Session

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Mind Body Breathe Therapy combines counseling, breathwork, and insight where clients gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage, and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming at a deep cellular level.

Randi's wide range of expertise in psychology and healing arts enables her to create a custom therapeutic experience for each individual.

The New Loving Relationships Training

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New Loving Relationships Training™ created by Sondra Ray, containing practical processes for deeper understanding of relationships in our lives; what makes them work and not work; what are the patterns we need to understand to free ourselves from common problems we experience in relationships?…. and ultimately what are the practices available to aid us to achieve harmony in all relationships? What will awaken us to realize our Higher Self?

If we haven't found them already, come learn how to prepare for your twin flame?

3 Day LRT Weekend Workshop includes 3 group breathwork sessions.

In person and online trainings

Breath Point Therapeutic Massage

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Breath-Point Therapy was pioneered and created by Randi Lynn Sokol.  It is a hands-on treatment that bridges body work and Breathwork.  It is an accumulation of various eastern and western modalities. Randi has studied all over the world with highly qualified teachers and masters.

This highly effective treatment blends together Neuromuscular therapy, Acupressure, trigger point therapy, Ayurveda massage, emotional release and Breathwork.

Private Liberation Breathing Session


​Liberation Breathing® is a Conscious Connected Breathing Process that Restores Your Mind and Body to Health and Wellness.

The mission is liberation from all limitations in all departments of our daily life. 

Through ​Liberation Breathing®, a powerful and guided use of the breath, we invite you to join Randi in breathing in more peace, clarity, and living with greater vitality. 

Warm Water Breathwork

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Warm water Breathwork sessions take place in a pool, jacuzzi, or hot springs of comfortably warm water approximately 99 degrees where you float face down and breathe using a snorkel. Randi supports you during the entire session. It is a very gentle and powerful process.

Many people report they release pain in their body, grief and former trauma. The whole process takes approximately 90-120 minutes.

Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is a term that refers to leadership training designed to assist executives with positive leadership development and to enhance their ability to succeed at the highest level. This type of coaching involves professional and personal development of the executives and their teams.

Other services available are stress management training, public speaking skills, and professional styling.

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga therapy is the adaptation of a variety of yoga practices.  The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

 As a trained Yoga therapist, Randi creates a specific regimen for individual need and goals. This includes postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, nutritional guidance and overall lifestyle recommendations..

Continuing Education for

Massage Therapists

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NCBTMB Approved Provider

Advanced Body Work workshops for current Licensed or Certified Massage Therapists.


☆Self-Care for Massage Therapists

☆Introduction to Ayurveda 

☆Advanced Face Massage 

☆Exclusive Spa Body Treatments

☆Breath-Point Massage


Email Randi Lynn for further details on private, one-on-one instruction.

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying Education and Workshops






Most people are familiar with the term Birth Doula – one who guides and supports a mother through the transition of birth. In a similar way, a Death Doula provides guidance and support to one who is transitioning through the dying process. 

A death doula is a precious resource at a time when family members are often overwhelmed and exhausted from caring for a loved-one. Death doulas offer emotional and spiritual support, guided meditations, relaxation techniques, and can be a bridge to the caregiving team. 

  Randis's passion is to inspire, educate, and consult with individuals, communities and professionals interested in end- of- life issues and practices. Her past hospice experience and personal journey has made her an excellent resource for people that may be dealing with grief, medical diagnoses, and death related challenges. 

In Randi's private sessions and workshops, she gently opens the dialog of the "concept of death & dying" in order to help people liberate themselves from their subconscious fears. This leads to more freedom and joy in one's daily life and teaches how to really fully live in the present moment. The knowledge of this process is deep and profound personal growth work and Randi will walk side by side with you on this heartful and liberating journey. 



Individual Mind Body breath Session:

Initial intake session (2-hour) $350

Individual follow-up sessions (90 minutes) $300

Recommended Series of 10 sessions $2700

Breath Point Therapeutic Massage:

Initial intake session (2-hour) $350

Individual follow-up sessions (90 minutes) $300

Recommended Series of 10 sessions $2700

Executive Coaching:

Initial intake session (90 minutes) $360

Individual follow-up session (90 minutes) $350

Refresher session (60 minutes) $250

Loving Relationship 3-Day Weekend Workshop:

Available in person and online

Individual $595

Couple rate $1090

Warm Water Therapy:

Initial intake session (2hours) $350

Individual follow-up session (90 minutes) $325

Yoga Therapy:

One 60 minute session $180

One 90 minutes session $250

Liberation Breathing:

Initial intake session (2-hour) $350

Individual follow-up sessions (90 minutes) $300

Recommended Series of 10 sessions $2700

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists:

Private Individual Tutoring (60 minutes) $180

Private Individual Tutoring (90 minutes) $250

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying

Education and Workshops:

Contact Randi for more details

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