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What do people have to say about their work with Randi Lynn?

As participants of Mind Body Breathe Therapy move through their sessions with Randi by their side, they experience an impact and profound evolution that deeply affects the way they live their lives from that moment forward. Many times, for some, the Mind Body Breathe Therapy sessions are so profound that words cannot capture the depth of what they feel. For others, though, they feel compelled to express and convey their session experiences in words. This page is devoted to those expressions.

"Randi Lynn Sokol gave me several breathwork sessions and I can tell you she is an expert. She got right down to the bottom of my issues so I can see now where my "problems” started. Randi Lynn gave me concrete tools to work with. I now incorporated those in order for me to have newfound solutions in my life.  

Her insights and her gentle style of getting down to my core issues were so skillful.  She gave me homework and practices that were life changing. 

What I really appreciate is the way Randi adjusts herself to my ways of needing to do the breathwork and her ability to be highly sensitive to my special needs.               Her in-person and on Zoom sessions worked very well and I felt seen and coached in a loving, truthful way.”


Monique from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"Randi Lynn Sokol is an absolute genius at what she does. Her powerful breathwork private sessions have completely transformed my life. I have been doing breathwork almost every other week with Randi for about a year now. She has a true talent that can't be put into words. Working with her has created a massive shift in my subconscious mind to move my life towards love, happiness and fulfillment.
Randi helps me to stay in balance both spiritually and mentally - in a manner that has helped me to succeed in both my personal and professional life.
Every single time I breath with Randi, I become more enlightened."

Priyanka Sharma

Senior Executive 

Milpitas,  California 

"Randi's breathwork therapy gave me much clarity, healing, and peace with my emotions."

CEO of leading technology company,
San Francisco, California
"Yoga Therapy with Randi has been for me a transformative experience of body mind and spirit. She has a way to bring healing and peace just with her gentle presence.  Randi's expertise and guidance was a tremendous help for me to be able to manage my anxiety and have a good night of sleep.
Her capacity to restore confidence and resilience in me was a gift that I'm forever grateful for."

Noami, Mother and Teacher

Chicago, Illinois 

"I began receiving Body Work treatments from Randi Lynn several years ago . My original goal was for treatment for my upper neck.  I had developed a massive inflamed lump just under the occipital bone on my right side. The lump was very painful, caused headaches, and made concentration difficult. Before Randi, I had undergone various other treatments including injections of Lidocaine directly into the inflamed muscles. It worked, but only for a short time.
I began receiving treatments from Randi every 2- 4 weeks. After the first treatment, I noticed a marked decrease in my headaches: the inflamed area began to shrink. After the third treatment, the inflammation was almost gone, taking the pain and headaches with it. I continued to receive treatments from Randi on a regular basis because I began to notice other positive benefits: I was more relaxed and could concentrate better, I had more energy, and I was sleeping better.
I continue to receive treatments from Randi because I know it has made my life better and helped me to become a better person. The treatments are fun, educational, and, above all, they help me grow."

Jane R

Lake Mathews,  California 

"I first came to Randi ten years ago when I was having terrible spasms in my lower back. Within just a few visits she got the spasms to subside and increased the range of motion in my lower back. I have continued to receive body work from her over the years and she has kept me pain free. Randi possesses a wealth of knowledge of holistic health. She is also a wonderful and caring person. She has my highest recommendations."

Fred P. , CFO

Los Angeles,  California 

"Until being treated by Randi, I had never had a professional massage. I had a preconception that massage was a sensory indulgence. That’s okay but not my personal priority.
I was struck by a car and flipped onto the street while walking. No broken bones or internal injuries, but I had bruises and abrasions. I walked, exercised, and iced the bruises to help clear them. Still I had multiple aches, pains, and stiffness. 
First she evaluated my daily life and suggested nutritional and behavioral patterns to increase my health. These were interesting and I believe helpful. We discussed my specific pains and problems. Then she gave me bodywork.
The effect was wonderful. I do not understand the principles of massage, mind body breathe work, but part of the benefit may be due to Randi's “healing hands.” Touch done properly seems as powerful as medicines. The tension of my injuries relaxed. I started to feel a bit depressed after my accident, but now my spirit lifted.  
Massage was a significant part of my recovery, very positive and a reasonable investment in my mind and body.
Randi is a knowledgeable, professional, caring and an excellent therapist. I am grateful for her services. I endorse her for anyone considering bodywork/massage therapy and whole-body improvements.  In my case, Randi's therapy complemented standard medical practices."

J.P. , CFO

Austin, Texas

"I started practicing yoga at the age of 46, which is an age when my muscles started to stiffen. I chose Randi because of the small class sizes and Randi's terrific instruction, attitude and ceremonial style she brings to the class. Randi is a wonderfully patience, yet firm instructor, funny yet poignant.  I feel like I am in a safe and loving space when I attend class. When I first started, I was rather inflexible.  After attending class only three or four times, I was amazed with my added strength and flexibility. I feel ten years younger!"


Claremont, California

To whom it may concern, 

This letter is to confirm Randi Lynn Sokol is certified in our Liberation Breathing system of Breathwork at the Highest Level III. She has taken all the major trainings and Quests we offer to Liberation Breathing® Practitioners and has been practicing for many years.  

Randi has assisted us in our Bali, Indonesia 80-hour training in 2022 and our 100-hour Herakhan, India Quest in 2023. She also joined us for a 48-hours Warm Water Breathwork training in Iceland, which we held in the Blue Lagoon Spa in Grindavik, Iceland, August 2021.  

We highly recommend Randi Lynn Sokol as a practitioner of Breathwork in your facility. She fully understands the professional and therapeutic ends of the process, as well as the spiritual and one-to-one nurturing aspects of this form of self-care.  

She is a person of high integrity who understands Service to others, and also is conscious of the full scope of this healing modality to help people face and overcome their inner blocks and limitations. She can process people’s minds in a precise way, and help people take 100% responsibility for their thoughts, which are giving them their results in life. She is able to unravel people’s negative thoughts in a professional manner, with compassion, and help them forgive these thoughts through Breathwork.  

Randi is dedicated to the wellness industry as an alternative to and prevention of medical ultimatums. All healing begins with self-care and responsibility, and she is well-versed in aiding people in their deeper processes of healing and wellness through the professional practice of Liberation Breathing®.

Sondra and Marcus Ray,

Founders of Rebirthing and Liberation Breathing

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